Abderrahim Kebib

Architectural Designer : Le Baquette Magique , Couch Tomato

Abderahim Kebib is a graduated of Architecture and Urbanism studies department in Tlemcen university, Algeria. After graduating in 2011 he worked in the offices of BET AFKAR in Algeria where he assisted in designing in collective residential apartments and homes as well as the Tlemcen municipal postal office, a high school and a hotel. Abderahim is fluent in French and Arabic and applies his experience in design and construction drawings for the firm.

Abderahim attention for detail helps the firm lay the foundation of many of its project. He is engaged in all aspects of the building process whether it is as built drawings, code analysis or participating in design development. His background brings a unique value and perspective to the firm.

Devyn O'neill

Interior Design: Gemelli Le Baquette Magique

Growing up in a family surrounded by architects and contractors, Devyn found herself wanting to pursue a career in design at an early age. She went on to earn her degree in 2010 from Philadelphia University’s nationally ranked interior design program. Through her studies she gained a strong architectural design foundation concentrating on the development of spatial concepts, construction documentation and knowledge of furniture and finishes.

While in school, She grew to develop a special interest in commercial and hospitality design. She desired to shape the experiences that people had upon entering a space, creating a contextual environment. This interest was also fostered by her interdisciplinary study abroad experience at Nuova Accedemia de Belle Arti in Milan, Italy. There she had the opportunity to study design collaboratively with interior, graphic and product designers.

Since graduating, She has gained experience in the design field in New York City before working with various architectural firms in the Philadelphia area. She has a passion for being creative and love to incorporate it into everything that she does.