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Our philosophy can be summarized by the following statement: We design with, not for our clients. We listen and interact with the client utilizing our experiences and skill to produce a solution that balances the needs of program, esthetic and budget.

This philosophy threads through the four tenets of our design approach.

Respect in the value of place that every project possesses. We strive to understand the foundation, parameters, and context that define every client and their goals. We feel it is more important to find answers to these conditions than offer solutions.

Discovery is the process of finding something unexpected in familiar environments. We hope through understanding the environments of clients to show them the prospects they hold and to be able to better enrich the most familiar experiences.

Traditions are the history and rituals that come with every building type. They are those everyday, monthly or yearly experiences of how we inhabit a building that as architects we seek to celebrate and enliven. By better understanding how one proceeds through a building, both in space or time, you can enrich the experience by creating a more tailored place or refined detail that breaks the monotony of routine.

Innovation is that process that sees more than the needs and is a product of the right questions. It is never a cause in itself but an interaction with the clients, their needs and their goals.